Pond Maintenance and Pond Cleaning.

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your pond clean and beautiful. Pond maintenance and pond cleaning services from Zen Aquatics can help you enjoy your pond more now and avoid costly repairs later!

We work with you on establishing a working ecosystem within your pond to keep it clean while reducing maintenance.

Zen Aquatics offers a full service pond maintenance program, including pond cleaning, pond shut-downs and openings. Our pond maintenance work includes:

Cleanout Service
Clean skimmer net, clean skimmer filter mat, check pump for proper flow, check and adjust automatic water fill valve (if needed), trim and remove any dead plants and water lilies, trim and remove any debris, replace any gravel and rock as needed, apply bacteria or S.A.B. as needed.

Services performed during general cleanout include:

  • Draining and cleaning
  • Checking hardware
  • Cleaning debris basket and skimmer filter pad (if equipped)
  • Checking for shifted rocks
  • Checking pond liner edges
  • Touching up gravel around edges as needed
  • Trimming aquatic plants and dead head
  • Adding beneficial bacteria
  • Check lights
  • Removing string algae from stream if required

Summer Check Up
Perform a brief visual checkup to make sure the pond is running smoothly. Bacteria and algae fix will be added as needed.

Monthly Maintenance Service
Take the guesswork out of maintaining your water garden by having Zen Aquatics do it for you. We have many flexible pond maintenance agreements available with one that will fit your needs. Call or email us.

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